Death of a scrapyard

MORE than four decades of business was consigned to the history books on Saturday when the contents of Eddie Torrens’ vast scrapyard came under the auctioneer’s hammer.

Wednesday, 24th October 2012, 2:33 pm

Some 600 lots were auctioned off as Eddie and his staff pulled down the curtain on a business which began with one single vehicle and mushroomed into one of the busiest used car breakers yards in Ireland.

Watching the proceedings seated in a small garden-type shed, Eddie was greeted by countless customers wishing him well in the future.

The vast majority had come just to be there to witness the end.

Only a handful were able to take part in the proceedings since legislation required they had to be properly registered to handle scrap metal.

That narrowed it down considerably.

Three businessmen from Manchester went head-to-head with dealers from Tyrone, Donegal and Co. Londonderry and there was no ‘hanging about’ with the auctioneer quickly heralding a sale with the familiar tap on the clipboard.

And prices were regularly reviewed. For example, one car sold at £600 would have yielded twice as much when the parts were plundered and sold off. That seemed to be the inevitable consequence according to one local man.

Prices aside, everyone present had an opinion as to why it had come to this and what the future held for Eddie Torrens who had become a household name throughout the country.

Groups huddled throughout the yard voicing their opinion and raising eyebrows at shed after shed full of engines and parts that had probably lain for years.

Some likened it to a wake of sorts.

Of course, every breakers business has already consigned vehicles to the scrap graveyard, but there was always life about Eddie Torrens’ business.

And that business didn’t just begin and end with scrapped vehicles. Eddie added other elements to the vehicle trade and provided employment for many during his career.

The ‘death’ of his scrapyard will be deeply felt by Eddie Torrens who, like him or otherwise, provided a valuable service to hundreds if not thousands of people across length and breadth of Ireland.

He will be missed and his customers will miss him. Is it the end for Eddie Torrens? Watch this space!