Dead lambs dumped in local stream

A NUMBER of lambs have been dumped in a stream on the Moycraig Road, near Mosside, the Times has learned,

The grim discovery was made on Monday morning by a local resident who has expressed her disgust at the actions of whoever did it.

“Two bags of dead lambs were just thrown into the river. I don’t know who did it but it must have been done during the hours of darkness,” she said.

The caller who identified herself added: “It couldn’t have been anyone who suffered from the recent heavy snow because they would be in line for compensation and would have disposed of their animals in a legal way.

“This is obviously something different. It does nothing for the environment and only causes pollution in what is one of our nice water features in the Mosside area.”

Karen Mitchell from Ballymoney Council’s Environmental Health Department, described the dumping as a disgrace and said it appeared to her that whoever was responsible did not want to pay to have the animals properly disposed of.

“This amounts to fly-tipping and shows a complete irresponsibility on the person who did it. This situation gives people a lot of bother to sort it out,” she added.

Ms. Mitchell said the council would be investigating the situation.