Davy’s sit out to begin

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The Caring Caretaker’s annual sit out will begin tomorrow (Tuesday).

And this year, Davy is hoping to reach the half million mark!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in Coleraine without Davy and his little hut in their usual spot in front of the Town Hall.

Davy will be joined by a band of helpers during this year’s sit out, so pop along and say hello.

Davy’s overall total is just over £455,000, and he has £6,000 to add to it from this year’s fund raisers to date.

The annual sit out will begin on Tuesday, December 1, and Davy is on the hunt for volunteers to help him.

“I really want to reach the half a million mark, but it will mean a really big push,” he said. “The sit out usually brings in around the £32,000 mark, so we would need to be hitting £40,000 to give ourselves a hope of reaching the half million.

This year Davy is supporting the following charities: The Robinson Hospital, Children’s Heartbeat Trust, Willie’s Orphan Fund, Children to Lapland Trust, Autism Causeway Coast Branch and the Meningitis Research Foundation.