Dark Hedges meeting was ‘full of hope’

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SIR - First of all, congratulations to the Ballymoney and Moyle Times on their piece on the Dark Hedges in their last edition.

I have been waiting and watching month after month for something to happen regarding plans that were expounded at the well-attended meeting over a year ago in the Gracehill Golf Club.

We listened to the speakers from the Preservation groups telling of how they were formed over 10 years ago and of their getting a grant in excess of £40,000 to promote and enhance the Dark Hedges.

All good stuff, the air was full of hope and promise (on reflection it was probably only hot air) yet when I had the temerity during a brief question time to ask when we could expect the ugly fencing on the road side to be removed, signage erected, and the mature trees put in to fill the gaps, I was told by a member of the Heritage speakers to ‘give them a chance’ (since they were formed over 10 years ago, I felt that was a reasonable time).

On pursuing the question he gave an assurance that the signs would be up and the young trees planted by the Autumn of 2013.

I have met and spoken with Bob McCallion on several occasions and share his concerns at the lack of action, we have suggested to the group the desire to reinstate the old pillars and gates, of the urgent need to have facilities for parking.

On one day last week there were 14 cars parked on the road and a large coach plus two more cars at the lay by at the top of the road.

Still waiting,

Yours a frustrated lover of the Dark Hedges.

(Name and address supplied)