Dalriada’s Tara is the tops!

Tara Devers from Dalriada. INBM19-15
Tara Devers from Dalriada. INBM19-15

‘Simply amazing’ was the general consensus from teachers, family and friends of the 59 students from 43 schools, who were recognised for top marks in the summer 2014 CCEA GCSE examinations.

And one Dalriada School student was among them.

CCEA’s annual GCSE Celebrating Excellence Award ceremony was held on Wednesday 25 March at the Stormont Hotel, Belfast,

Tara Devers from Dalriada was congratulated for her excellent results in the subject of History.

Justin Edwards, Chief Executive at CCEA, was there to congratulate the students. He commented: “For over 20 years CCEA’s mission has been to enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised. This mission is very much at the heart of today’s award ceremony and CCEA will continue to ensure that our learners are placed at the centre of all that we do.

“As we celebrate the achievement of our Top Candidates I would like to acknowledge the support and encouragement of their families and the hard work and professionalism of teachers. In NI we have an outstanding teaching workforce; a workforce that builds a learning environment that not only nurtures talent but also guides these young people on their pathway to excellence.

“I would like to congratulate all of our winners on their remarkable achievements.”