Daithi McKay thanks Sinn Fein voters

Daithi McKay
Daithi McKay

Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay has thanked all those who voted for Sinn Féin in North Antrim.

He said: “I would like to personally thank all of the 5,143 people who came out to vote for Sinn Féin in a North Antrim on Thursday.

“We stood in this election to offer voters a progressive choice and a progressive voice for North Antrim.

“It is now clear that we remain the largest progressive party in the constituency. The old regressive politics of ignorance and inequality does not benefit North Antrim. It does not paint a positive image to the wider world, a world from which we need to secure more inward investment and employment through tourism.

“Local politics needs more open mindedness, mutual respect and more commitment to the values of equality and fairness. I sincerely hope that candidates in this election learn the lesson that homophobic comments are no longer , and never have been, acceptable to the wider public.

“We stood on a ticket for equality and against austerity. The re-election of the Tories to what is now more an English government than a British government should concern all of us who value public services, who believe in protecting disabled members of the community, who believe that human rights should remain enshrined in law.

“I believe that now is the time to work towards the devolution of taxation powers and more fiscal levers so that we can mitigate this society against continuous austerity and put in place an appropriate level of public spending that will secure economic growth.

“Sinn Féin will be opposing the proposal from the Tories and the DUP to take us out of the European Union. It is economic madness.

“Future EU membership and the transfer of further fiscal powers will be at the top of the political agenda and we in Sinn Féin will be working to ensure that the right choices for the North and our future economic interests are made.”