Cycle Against Suicide en route

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Community News

Cycle Against Suicide’s annual all-Ireland Cycle Against Suicide bike ride is set to start in Northern Ireland with its first leg arriving in Coleraine on Monday, April 27.

As well as inviting local cyclists to take part, organisers of the charity event are also asking Coleraine homeowners to offer up their spare room to host a cyclist for the stopover night.

This is the third year of the cycle, which will start in Belfast on April 27 and takes in stops in Coleraine, Derry (via Malin Head) and Enniskillen, before heading to the southern tip of Ireland and finishing in Dublin on May 10.

Established by Irish entrepreneur Jim Breen, Cycle Against Suicide is a charity which seeks to break the stigma associated with the open discussion of mental health.

Cycle Against Suicide is looking for the North Coast community’s support of its Homestay programme.

Homestay co-ordinator, Geraldine Johnston, said, “As the Cycle passes through on Monday evening, we’re looking for homeowners in Coleraine to offer cyclists accommodation, a warm meal, a chance to freshen up, and a bed for the night.

“People who have opened up their homes to cyclists in previous years have said overwhelmingly, that the Homestay experience was just as rewarding for them as for their guests.”

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