Cunningham welcomes ‘puffin’ crossing on Moyle Road

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BALLYCASTLE SDLP councillor Dónal Cunningham has welcomed the DRD Roads Service decision to install a new puffin crossing on the busy Moyle Road.

“This will be of great benefit during the school terms, with three schools Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle High School and St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s, located on Moyle Road, finding a safe place to cross has always been a worry.

“Parents and teachers from the three schools were active in lobbying for the much-needed safe crossing. A Puffin crossing has a built-in detector system which ‘sees’ that people are waiting to cross and will change the traffic lights accordingly.

“Parents with small children need a little bit longer to cross, the detector knows this and holds the traffic lights at red until they reach the other side safely. This means that drivers are stopped for a shorter time if a pedestrian crosses quite quickly, and that slower pedestrians are given more time to cross.”