Cunningham welcomes police investigation into expenses scandal

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SDLP Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has welcomed a police investigation into political expenses following a BBC Spotlight Investigation.

“I want to welcome the police investigation into this issue. It’s been very clear from speaking to local people that they are very angry and want to see some kind of action at the end of this.

“We can all see that some politicians have crossed a moral line and broken the trust of those who elected them. It is important now to establish if any criminal conduct has taken place. If so, those responsible must be held to account and face the full force of the law. There can be no excuses and no special treatment. That is the lease the public deserve.

“Parallel to the police investigation we need political action to tighten the system of Office Cost expenditure, ensure the current rules are fully implemented and reform those areas which have allowed this scandal to take place.

“The public have lost confidence in politics and politicians. It is imperative that we address that urgently.”