Women ‘shouted sectarian abuse’

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A JUDGE has asked prosecutors to clarify if police are dealing with a disorderly behaviour case on the grounds of being aggravated by hostility after hearing a man called a woman a “f**king Fen*an scumbag” on the 12th of July this year.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court Jordan McLaughlin (21) of Ballyness Park in Castleroe, pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly behaviour; resisting a police officer and being in possession of cannabis arising out of the incident. A prosecutor said at 2am on July 12 police on mobile patrol at Railway Road in the centre of Coleraine heard McLaughlin shouting at a female.

District Judge Liam McNally asked if police were dealing with it on the basis of ‘hostility’ and the prosecutor said it was unclear. Mr McNally said that needed to be clarified ahead of sentencing later this month. The case was adjourned for the preparation of a pre-sentence report and McLaughlin was released on his own bail of £250.

MORE COURT: At the same court, a Coleraine woman was charged with shouting ‘You Fen*an b*stards’ at members of the public on July 12.

Glenda Tosh (55) of Windsor Avenue in the Ballycastle Road area of Coleraine, is accused of doing a provocative act with intent to provoke a breach of the peace or by which a breach of the peace or public disorder was likely to be occasioned. She is further charged with being disorderly in the Killowen Street area of Coleraine. Standing beside her in the dock was Yvonne Holmes (47), of The Crescent, Coleraine, who is also accused of being disorderly at Killowen Street on July 12 and charged with doing a provocative act by shouting ‘sectarian comments’. She is further charged with obstructing a police officer.

A police officer said she believed she could connect the women to the charges. There were no contrary submissions from a defence solicitor.

A prosecutor said a full file in the case is due by November 8 and the case was adjourned until October.