Police warning to be vilgilant after another child (10) is approached

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Police have received a report of another suspicious approach made to a child in the Ballymoney area.

The alleged incident happened yesterday (Thursday) in the Carnany estate as the 10-year-old boy walked home from Leaney Primary School at around 3.15pm.

It is believed a women in black tried to grab him from behind.

She is described as 5ft 4” and was wearing a black coat and hat which covered her face.

Urging parents to be vigilant, Leaney Primary School posted on a social media site: ‘A woman in a car tried to lift one of our children as they got off the Carnany bus yesterday. Please remind your children about stranger danger and, where possible, make sure they walk home with a friend. Terrible to think our children aren’t even safe walking that short distance.’

This recent incident comes after a suspicious approach was made to a child in the Trinity Drive area of Ballymoney at around 10pm on Friday, November 14. There have also been recent reports of a number of incidents in which children have been approached in the Coleraine area.

Police confirmed that they had received a report of a woman grabbing a child’s school bag in the Carnany Drive area of Ballymoney on the afternoon of Thursday 04 December. The child was not hurt during the incident but was frightened as the woman was not known to him.

Officers are investigating this recent incident and urged parents to be vigilant.

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