Pedestrian knocked over

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A woman sustained a fractured foot after being knocked down by a teenage motorist at a busy pedestrian crossing in Ballymena, the local Magistrates Court was told.

The driver of the car, Christopher Hall (19), of Mullan Road, Ballymoney, was banned from driving for three months and fined £250 at Ballymena Magistrates Court after he admitted a charge of driving without due care and attention. The court was told the incident took place at Parkway on January 12, when Hall’s car, which had been travelling in the outside lane past a number of vehicles queued in the left hand lane, struck the pedestrian. She was later taken to hospital where is was discovered she had broken a bone in her foot. Hall’s barrister said: “Fortunately the injured party was able to get up and walk to work - it was later revealed she had a fracture. “He (Hall) is lucky to be before this court because he could have been facing a more serious charge.”

District Judge Des Perry told Hall: “The situation you came upon at the shopping centre clearly required a greater degree of caution than you exercised.