Man smashes window of Domino’s shop

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A part-time pizza takeaway worker turned up drunk at Dominos and smashed a window after a “verbal disagreement” with staff.

And his solicitor tolda court if people have a difference of opinion with management there are more reasonable ways of dealing with it.

The comment was made at Coleraine Magistrates’ Court last Monday when the lawyer’s client was given a two months jail term, suspended for a year, after he previously pleaded guilty to breaking a window at the premises.

Kevin Eugene Doherty (31), of Drumard Drive, committed the offence on April 18 this year.

As part of his bail he had been banned from entering Dominos and was not allowed to make contact with two members of staff at the premises.

A prosecutor said at 12.30am on April 18 police received a report that a highly intoxicated employee had punched a window shattering the glass.

When spoken to by police Doherty admitted he had a “verbal disagreement” but although he couldn’t remember breaking the £380 window if the staff said he did he accepted it.

Doherty, who had a record, was working part-time with Dominos and had some differences of opinions, according to his solicitor, who added: “Unfortunately, without any reasonable excuse, he took umbrage” and after a falling out he broke the window.

He said Doherty has drink issues but when sober there is another side to him and he is a gardener who has done charity work and now intends to set up a mobile pet care business with a very thorough business plan in place.

Deputy District Judge Liam McStay told the defendant he had a record going back over recent years.

And he said it was apparent there were two sides to him and it was a case of trying to keep away the drink-inspired “bad Mr Doherty”.

Mr McStay said only the defendant could do that and warned him that if he did not want to end up in jail he should deal with his “demons”.