Man found with drug grinder ‘between buttocks’

Court hammer
Court hammer

A MAN found with a drug grinder “located between his buttocks” then defecated and smeared his excrement on the walls of a police cell.

Jamie McCombe (20), originally from Larne, had been living in Coleraine at the time of the incident last month.

He is currently on custody charged with armed robbery at a chip shop in his home town.

On Monday he pleaded guilty to other matters which came to light in Coleraine in January.

He was arrested after a shoplifting incident in Coleraine.

McCombe admitted receiving a stolen fragrance set; possessing cannabis; causing criminal damage to two police cells and two assaults.

A prosecutor said McCombe was arrested at the Simon Community in Coleraine and whilst in a cell at Coleraine Police Station he urinated on the floor and attempted to flood the floor by pushing a mattress down a toilet.

After the grinder was “located between his buttocks”, the prosecutor said McCombe was aggressive and it took several people six minutes to restrain the defendant.

Afterwards, he defecated and “smeared faeces on the wall” and the next day was still aggressive.

Defence barrister Alan Stewart said his client has mental health issues which were made worse when he sustained a very bad skull fracture in 2014.

Mr Stewart said although the behaviour was inappropriate, the defendant was unhappy in the police station because he was not getting his “anti-psychotic medication” and a complaint has been lodged with the Police Ombudsman.

McCombe was given a two months sentence.