Man charged with sexual assault

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A man has been in court charged with a sexual assault on a female.

Aaron John Wright (38), whose address was given as Railway Road, Coleraine, is charged with intentionally touching a woman, the circumstances being that the touching was sexual and she did not consent to the touching. He is also charged with assaulting the same woman and faces a third charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog on December 27 last year, Coleraine Magistrates Court heard.

Wright appeared in the dock and confirmed he understood the charges and a police officer believed she could connect the accused to the charges. A prosecutor asked for the case to be adjourned until late February saying a full case file has been requested.

A defence lawyer applied for legal aid and said his client is self-employed. Wright was released on his own bail of £350 and District Judge Liam McNally said the same conditions as previously agreed by police should be adhered to.

* Police found 23 grammes of herbal cannabis in a garage during a search of a Coleraine man’s home and later he admitted the drugs were his but claimed he thought they were a legal high. However, Tony Douglas (26), of Fermoyle Drive, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis when he appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court.

A prosecutor said the drugs were uncovered during a search on September 24 last year and there was no one present at the time but Douglas later presented himself to police and accepted the substance was his but said he thought it was a legal high.

Police identified it as cannabis which was worth £235 and the defendant, a jobseeker and dad-of-two, who is currently on bail for other matters, was fined £300.