Judge tells man drugs won’t help him with mental health

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A Coleraine man caught with over 30 grammes of cannabis and 30 Diazepam tablets has been told illegal drugs won’t help his mental health.

Dylan Greer (20), of Ashdale, previously had an intent to supply charge withdrawn after he pleaded guilty to possession charges. The offences detected in the run up to Christmas last year when he attended ‘Lush!’ nightclub in Portrush with cannabis. The tablets were found in his bedroom at his home during a follow-up search.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court defence solicitor Briege Martin handed in a doctor’s report in relation to her client’s “significant mental health difficulties”. She said he was “self-medicating” and had obtained the Diazepam from others after a prescription for the drug was halted.

Placing the defendant on Probation for 18 months, Deputy District Judge Liam McStay said there was no sign in the pre-sentence report that Greer was beginning to get a grip on his difficulties.

And he told Greer: “The use of drugs is not going to assist you with your mental health problems. I could tell you that until I’m blue in the face”.