Driving ban and fine after ‘high reading’ detected at Dervock

When spoken to by police about drink driving, a woman with an address at Portstewart’s Coleraine Road, said she had “a hell of a lot of problems at the minute”.

Audrey Smyth (44), had the offence detected at Stroan Road, Dervock, on May 9 this year and at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Tuesday of last week she admitted the offence.

The court was told Smyth called police about an incident at her address and when they arrived she was not there and neighbours said she was intoxicated and had driven off.

Police found the car and saw a bottle of vodka in the vehicle and Smyth confirmed she had been driving.

She had a drink/breath reading of 95/35.

A defence lawyer said Smyth was an alcoholic but had stopped drinking for three years and now she has returned to drink she is living in a hostel and “everything has gone downhill”.

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a “high reading” as he banned her from driving for 16 months and fined her £250.