Crazy golf proposal for seafront?

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A Councillor who campaigned to have crazy golf introduced to the sea front area in Ballycastle is set to get his way.

Fifty thousand pounds has been applied to this year’s estimates to introduce the family friendly attraction.

Independent Councillor Padraig McShane said: “My colleagues and Council officers continue to recognise the strategic importance of the public space at Ballycastle sea front.

“Last year we witnessed the use the seafront area played in bringing local families and visitors outdoors, largely because of the enhancements via the public realms schemes.

“I wish to heighten that experience by introducing family orientated activities that have a proven track record of success. Crazy Golf has that track record.

“In addition, I have reassurances that Council officers are dedicated to using the natural geographical features in the design and planning”.

The Councillor finished by acknowledging the forward planning by former Recreational officer, Kevin Mc Garry and the additional push for completion by his contemporary, Mr Aidan Mc Peake.