Crafts at Flowerfield

MLA and Councillor Claire Sugden came face to with the Creative Industries at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart on Saturday as she formally

opened a unique festive-themed selling exhibition.

Councilor Sugden took time out from her Northern Assembly business to visit the centre and see the work of around forty fledgling businesses, all based on the North Coast. The commercial produce included artisan foods, textiles, glass, ceramics, fashion, paintings and other creative giftware items.

Speaking from Flowerfield Arts Centre, Cllr Sugden said: ‘I am heartened to see such creative production happening in our midst. I think our towns desperately need this sort of entrepreneurial enterprise to begin to build back our local economy.

“It has been said before, but is well worth repeating - the Creative Industries didn’t get us into the current economic mess, but they look like the will help drive us out of it!”

The selling exhibition continues throughout November and December at Flowerfield Arts Centre.