Councils in revaluation move - get involved

MOYLE Council is asking local people to get involved in the Non-domestic revaluation.

Put simply it is the process by which Land & Property Services (LPS) will revalue all 72,500 non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland for rates. Domestic properties are not being revalued at this time.

Once complete the rateable value of all business properties in Northern Ireland will be in line with current property values. This will restore balance to the rating system. Current business rate bills are based on 2001 values. After revaluation they will be based on 2013 values.

A new Valuation List based on 2013 values will be published, and from 1st April 2015, business rate bills will be based on the new values.

LPS has created an online form. If you receive a letter with instructions for accessing this form, please take advantage of this. You can access the online form or find out more about revaluation from the Reval 2015 NI website.

Contacts for Reval 2015 NI - email: