Councillors pleased with progress on car park

GLENS Sinn Fein councillors Colum Thompson and Margaret Anne Mc Killop have expressed their satisfaction that their push for the two way system to be reintroduced in Mill Street car park in Cushendall has been approved by Moyle District Council.

A joint motion from councillors McKillop and Thompson found favour in the chamber meaning the two way system will shortly be reintroduced.

Cllr Mc Killop said “The alterations to the layout of the car park and the increased number of parking spaces have been a huge bonus but unfortunately the one way system hasn’t been as successful as business owners and residents had hoped for.

“I am glad that council has agreed to reintroduce the two way system.”

Cllr Thompson added: “The one way system was introduced as a six month pilot project and at this stage we are half way through the project, it has become obvious that sadly the one way system was not working and we have asked for the scheme to be stopped and the two way system to be reintroduced.

“Another positive step forward is that Moyle District Council have also agreed to establish a working group to investigate other ways to alleviate congestion issues in Cushendall village centre. I look forward to this group’s launch and I would hope to play an active part in the group going forward.”