Councillors fear security fence will ruin scenic views

MOYLE councillors have expressed opposition to the erection of a security fence at Ballycastle Bowling Club because they fear it would destroy scenic views along the coast towards Fair Head, writes Nevin Farrell.

Independent councillor Seamus Blaney said it would “spoil one of the nicest views across the seafront to Fair Head.”

He added: “I think the people of Ballycastle know what this fence is. They thought it was just a temporary thing.”

Council officer Aidan McPeake said the matter still had to go to the planning department but he said there had been vandalism and some issues of people climbing on the roof of premises and gaining access to the bowling grounds and the bowling club says a fence would be a deterrent.

Cllr Randal McDonnell (Independent) said there have been cases of people on the roof and digging their heels into the green but he said the location of the bowling club is “awkward” and added that perhaps a different deterrent is needed rather than a fence.

Independent councillor Padraig McShane said there are wardens in the area who should be tasked to keep an eye on the bowling club.

He felt however even with a fence determined vandals would find a way of getting into the grounds.

A submission from the club to the Council showed they wanted a fence put up on the wall at Mary Street because it is from there that intruders can jump onto the roof of their premises which are below road level.

A statement in the submission said: “There have veen numerous occasions in the past when the roof of the clubhouse has been vandalised or damaged but more importantly other times youths have been found walking or running and jumping on the roof.

“We felt that a fence bolted to the wall that will project higher than that of the existing coping (900mm) would act as a more practical solution.”