Councillor hits out after his car was damage

Councillor hits out after car damaged
Councillor hits out after car damaged

Ballymoney DUP Councillor has issued a statement condemning whoever it was who scraped both the side of his car and another member of Dunloy band’s car in Ramoan Court, Ballycastle on the Twelfth July.

In a statement to the Times, Ian Stevenson said: “It says more about whoever did it than anyone else that people cannot lawfully park on a pavement without the possibility of getting their car scraped.

“The matter has been reported to the police and it is hoped that they will be proactive in their efforts to catch whoever was responsible. I would encourage anyone who may have any information about the incident which occurred between 11.45am and 6pm to contact the police with any information.

“This incident is not reflective of the many good people in Ballycastle and I will continue to work for its welfare while others try to bring down the reputation of what is a beautiful place for everyone to live.”