Council yes to explore installing wind turbine at Crosstagherty

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has granted permission to investigate the siting of a turbine at their landfill site at Crosstagherty.

The issue was raised following a presentation by Architect and Genealogists representing a project group called Ballymoney 2025 which aims to explore renewable energy and energy strategy in the borough.

The Development report explained: ‘The Chair welcomed Mr Murray Bell and Mr Robin Taggart, Architect and Genealogist, representing a project group, Ballymoney 2025.

‘Introducing the subject Mr Bell explained that the group of local business people with expertise in the sector had come together to explore renewable energy and energy strategy in the borough, aimed at pushing towards self sufficiency by 2025, a community enterprise initiative.

‘They had identified energy options with income opportunities which could be taken forward under a community investment model. One of the potential sites identified for a wind turbine was on Council lands at Crosstagherty.

‘The group sought permission to explore the siting of a turbine on the lands; to approach the NI Environment Agency to seek a response to the proposal; and, if broad acceptance is given, to undertake ground investigations for foundations to determine suitability of site. Some funding may be sought to cover the cost of this. If the investigations proved favourable a detailed proposal would be developed for discussion with Committee.

‘In the ensuring discussion various benefits were identified including opportunities of a community investment; creation of an income stream for investors, visible signal of a community that are serious about a sustainable future and a beneficial outcome from a semi-retired landfill site.’

It was proposed by Alderman Frank Campbell seconded by Cllr William Blair and agreed to recommend that Council grant permission to the Ballymoney 2025 project group to:

1.Explore the siting of a turbine at the Council landfill site at Crosstagherty;

2.To approach NI Environment Agency to seek response to the proposal;

3.Prepare proposals for take the initiative to the next stage for consideration by committee, if the site investigations are favourable.