Council warns dog owners to keep their animals under control

TWO incidents of sheep worrying have been reported in different locations in the Moyle District Council area over the last month.

The first incident took place on the Carrowreagh Road area of Armoy where sheep were worried by dogs and one ewe was killed. The second incident occurred in the Glenariffe Forest Park area where a number of dogs worried a farmer’s sheep. The sheep are heavily pregnant and although none were killed there could yet be serious financial loss to the farmer if the ewes start aborting their lambs.

The Environmental Health Department would appeal to all dog owners to keep a very close eye on their dogs and be aware of their whereabouts at all times.

It is an offence for a dog to be on any land where livestock are legitimately present unless the dog is on a lead or under control. A £75 fixed penalty may be issued for this offence and a maximum penalty of £1000 may be imposed on conviction.

It is also an offence to keep or be in charge of a dog that worries livestock or attacks and injures any other animal owned by another person. The maximum penalty that may be imposed for this offence by the courts on conviction is £1,000. Anyone who sets a dog on livestock or any other animal owned by someone else may receive a maximum penalty of £2500 on conviction.

Dog owners must realise the damage their dogs can do and we would ask anyone who sees any stray dogs roaming to please contact the Environmental Health Department on tel. 028 2076 2225 so appropriate action may be taken.