Council support for statutory care homes

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Ballymoney Council has endorsed the response by Friends of the Roddens to the Health & Social Care Board consultation on the future of care homes.

The Consultation Document, “Making Choices – Meeting the current and future accommodation needs of older people” was issued in November last year.

Mayor John Finlay advised his colleagues at a recent Council meeting that thousands of local people had lent their support to the case put forward by Friends of the Roddens to the Government’s consultation on the future of care homes.

Speaking after Council’s endorsement of the Friends of the Roddens response Mayor Finlay said: “The belief in this local community is that the way forward is that older people should be able to remain in supported living in residential homes in their local communities, with 24 hour care provided by Health Trust staff.

“I, and my Council, fully endorse the view that adequate care arrangements for the most vulnerable in our society should be put in place. People here feel very strongly about this and Council, on their behalf, have made their views known to the Minister and the Health Trust.

“The Council and the community are at one in supporting the retention of the Roddens as a residential home for long stay care and are totally opposed to any redefining of the status of the Roddens Residential Home in its plans to overhaul the health service.”