Council staff wore slippers in the office ... for charity

MOYLE Council staff have been walking round their offices ... in their slippers!

But it was only for a short time and it was all for charity as party of the ‘Stress Down Day’ organised by the Samaritans.

A Moyle Council report said: ‘This Samaritans campaign aims to raise awareness of the effects of stress in the workplace and encourages people to take better care of their emotional well-being. Various factors which can cause people to experience stress in their lives include work pressures, family concerns, illness, etc. These factors can produce overwhelming life pressures which lead to stress.

‘The Environmental Health Department organized numerous activities throughout the ‘Stress Down’ Day and employees throughout Sheskburn House showed enthusiastic support and generously donated their time, money and expertise towards this worthy cause.

‘The theme of the day was to bring your slippers to work. Slippers were judged by the Vice Chairperson, Madeline Black and prizes awarded during the coffee morning/cake sale. Various employees generously brought home baking, etc to add to the coffee morning sale.

‘Other activities aimed to help relieve stress were carried out throughout the day and included: Confess your stress – employees had the opportunity to submit written anonymous stress confessions in a confession box; lunch time walks; stretching session led by Grace McMullan with music therapy and healthy refreshments.

‘Every year Samaritans needs to raise £10 million to continue running their life saving service. Over 18,500 Samaritans volunteers give their time freely to support anyone, any time, who is experiencing emotional distress. A fundraising target of £100 per participating office was set this year to mark the 5th anniversary of Stress Down Day – happily this was exceeded by the day’s activities. The total raised was £152.76,’ the Council report said.