Council request for vacant Music Centre

COUNCILLORS have agreed to submit an expression of interest to the NEELB to transfer the vacant Ballymoney Music Centre to Council for the purposes of education and learning.

During a recent Development Committee meeting, members also requested that funding opportunities for the development be explored and a business plan prepared for committee consideration.

The issue was raised following a discussion over the Tourism Trails Project.

The report explained: ‘Discussions are ongoing with partnership bodies and tourism sector providers with regard to the development of a project for committee’s consideration. Funding opportunities are also being explored. A presentation will be made to committee on the way forward.’

However the Development Committee Chair, Alderman Bill Kennedy, who had participated in some of the meetings with tourism providers, spoke of the potential to grow tourism by promoting the borough’s unique stories and expressed the view that the project could be enhanced by an interpretative facility, providing an educational and learning experience.

Referring to the vacant Music Centre in Ballymoney, owned by NEELB, Alderman Kennedy suggested that this building, with its own unique history, could provide a suitable base and requested that Council submit an expression of interest to transfer this property to Council to develop as an educational and learning centre.

It was proposed by Cllr Ian Stevenson and seconded by Cllr John Finlay.