Council recognises WWI Centenary Project

Ballymoney Borough Council Recognises Local WWI Centenary Legacy Projects

On Tuesday, 10th March 2015, on the centenary of the commencement of the battle at Neuve Chapelle in France, Ballymoney Borough Council brought together the organisations of the six legacy projects that received funding under its WWI Centenary Legacy Programme.

The event was to mark the completion of these projects that will ensure the legacy of WWI is not forgotten during this four year centenary period, which commenced in 2014 and will run until 2018, but will also be remembered for years to come. As the Development Committee Chair, Cllr John Finlay, explained, “Neuve Chapelle was where the British started to learn the hard lessons that informed subsequent attacks in World War I. Ultimately, it was through lessons learned, perseverance, courage and sacrifice, that the Great War was won. But, there was a price to pay. And it was paid directly by many young men, some of whom were from this borough. Through these legacy projects, these men and the ultimate sacrifice they made, as well as the sacrifices made by those at home in the Ballymoney area, will be remembered for a long time to come”.

The six projects being recognised were from across the borough and their commitment to remembering those who had fallen during WWI came in a variety of formats: Ballymoney & District Cultural & Heritage Society’ WWI Sculpture at Ballymoney War Memorial; Kingdom of Dalriada Ulster Scots Society’s DVD of Private John Meeke’s story; Ballymaconnelly Renewal Group’s memorial consisting of a bench, plaque, oak trees, Ballymaconnelly Remembrance Book and medals in commemoration of four local men; Dervock & District Community Association’s newsletters and book with their collection of local stories of the period; Ballymoney Branch Royal British Legion’s Display Cabinets for a WWI display; and Dunaghy Flute Band’s WWI Mural in tribute to two of its former members who gave their lives during the Great War.