Council presses case for A26 funding

At a recent meeting with the Divisional Roads Manager on the Department’s spring progress report for Ballymoney, the upgrading of the A26 engaged Councillors’ attention.

Arising from funding available through cancellation of the A5 scheme the Manager advised that the Minister was considering proposals in terms of major schemes that can be delivered quickly.

The Council has been campaigning for many years to have this major route upgraded to dual carriageway standard and in this has the support of all the Council’s in the region. It joined with its neighbouring councils in Ballymena, Coleraine and Moyle to make a joint submission to the public inquiry.

At the meeting, Chaired by Councillor John Finlay, Council resolved to write to the Regional Development Minister and urge him to give approval to funding to enable implementation of the A26 scheme.

Commenting on need for action to implement this key transport scheme Councillor Finlay said: “While we acknowledge the schemes to improve road safety undertaken by Roads Service in recent years to provide climbing lanes and junction improvements our aim remains to secure the upgrading of the route to dual carriageway standard.