Council open book of condolence for Beslan community

By Claire Smith

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has opened a book of condolence in Riada House for the victims of the recent atrocity in Russia.

Already hundreds of local people have expressed sympathy and paid their respects to those wounded and the families of those killed during the Besian school tragedy.

The whole world was left shocked and distraught after over 300 people – including many children - were killed after a terrorist siege on the local school.

Speaking last Friday the Mayor of Ballymoney Cllr Cecil Cousley said: "I know that like myself the people of the borough were shocked and saddened by the events in Besian.

"This was a tragic way in which so many innocent people, especially schoolchildren lost their lives.

"I am sure people will wish to convey their sympathy by signing this book."

The book will remain in Riada House until the end of the month. It will then be sent to the people of Besian.

During a recent Ballymoney Borough Council meeting, local MLA Mervyn Storey also asked members to write a letter to the Russian Embassy.

"This was an horrific atrocity and a terrible example of the depths people will go to," he continued.

"We should express sympathy to the Embassy and its people and assure them that this Council does not have any association with this such activity.

"We should therefore write a letter to them endorsing our feelings and condemn this behaviour."

Councillors agreed and also expressed their sympathy to the people of Besian.