Council invitation to London 2012

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has agreed to submit a formal invitation to the London 2012 Committee for the Olympic torch route to visit the borough, via Dervock village.

According to members the request would be in recognition of the village’s association with Kennedy Kane McArthur and in the light of the demonstrated commitment and support of the Dervock and District Community Association for such a visit.

During a recent Development Committee meeting, the Head of Corporate and Development services advised that a meeting of Council representatives and others, attended by the Mayor and herself, organized by the London 2012 Committee, had taken place in Belfast.

She explained that a pack of confidential information on the initiative was being reviewed and a further update on the proposals for the Olympic torch route in Northern Ireland, and any issues for Ballymoney, would be made to committee.

It was also revealed: ‘An announcement has already been made about the route of the torch through Portrush, Londonderry, Newry and Belfast. Further information on the torch route will be released at various stages but initially, all 26 councils have been invited to submit representations to the Committee for the torch to visit their respective boroughs.

‘The officer invited the committee to consider the invitation to submission to the London 2012 committee, noting the initial application made by Development Committee for a visit to Ballymoney made a strong case for the route through the borough to be via Dervock, based on its association with Kennedy Kane McArthur, the Olympian and former postman from that area.

‘Should Council decide to invite the 2012 Committee to visit its borough details of the host area responsibilities and an estimate of anticipated costs of hosting the visit to the borough would be brought to committee. At this stage a decision was required with regard to extending the invitation to visit the borough.’

Alderman Campbell commended Dervock’s committee for the work they have carried out in organizing events for the half marathon stating that Council should support their efforts. He expressed his support stating that Dervock has strong reasons for the torch to visit that area. Alderman Kennedy, Councillor Cavlan and Councillor Atkinson concurred with his remarks.

It was proposed by Alderman Campbell, seconded by Alderman Kennedy that Council submit a formal invitation to the London 2012 Committee for the Olympic torch route to visit the borough, via Dervock village.