Council HQ goes green to support the GAWA

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Causeway Coast and Glens headquarters at Cloonavin went green last night to support Michael’s O’Neill’s men.

Following a request from former Mayor, Michelle Knight McQuillan, the front porch of the building was illuminated in Northern Ireland’s green to show support for the team.

Speaking to The Times this morning, cllr Knight McQuillan admitted the she had been ‘well and truly’ bitten by the football bug.

“To be honest I’ve totally surprised myself how much this competition has gripped me.

“Up until last week I’d never watched a complete match on TV in my life.

“I’m putting it down to patriotic pride, “ she joked.

As the national side are now through the last 16 of the competition, cllr Knight McQuillan says that she hopes that the porch will remain green for the remainder of their time in the Euros.