Council grant up to £500 to Hospital Association

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BALLYMONEY Borough Council has agreed to grant up to £500 to the Causeway Hospital Artscare.

The money wouold go towards commissioning a piece of art which would represent the concept of ‘COMBIHNE’; on this the 10th anniversary of the hospital opening.

During a recent Corporate and Central Services Committee meeting, the report explained: ‘Members will recall the New Hospital Campaign Group formed by local doctors and supported by the three local Councils, Ballymoney, Coleraine and Moyle, to bring together the four hospitals into one new hospital, the Causeway Hospital, which opened in April 2001.

‘During the campaign the whole community united behind the idea and this proved to be a concept which strengthened the acceptance by the powers that be of the proposal. This became enshrined in their logo, incidentally developed through a schools’ competition won by a pupil from Loreto, “COMBINHE”; Coleraine, Moyle & Ballymoney in new hospital enterprise.

‘During the campaign lots of public money was raised, including financial support from the three councils. Recently the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the group met to discuss what to do with the balance of those monies, almost £2000.00. It was agreed that an appropriate piece of art appeared to be the best way to commemorate the campaign and its supporters. Following consultation with the hospital artscare group it is proposed to commission a piece of art which would represent the concept of ‘COMBIHNE’; on this the tenth anniversary of the hospital opening.

‘An application is being made to each of the three Councils (Ballymoney, Coleraine and Moyle) for a modest contribution of £200-£300. While no specific budget provision is available for this purpose IT IS RECOMMENDED that Council consider participating in this community initiative.’

Cllr Bill Kennedy stated that if Council are able to find the funding for this it should be supported, as Ballymoney had to fight very hard for the hospital at the time.

Cllr Malachy McCamphill concurred with Councillor Kennedys comments.

It was proposed by Cllr Kennedy, seconded by Cllr McCamphill that Council grant up to £500 to the Artscare.