Council consider installing defibrillators

BALLYMONEY Borough Council are considering installing a number of defibrillators in the Town Hall.

The issue was raised during a recent Corporate and Central Services Committee meeting.

The report explained: ‘The Committee considered a proposal to install a number of defibrillators in Ballymoney Town Hall, based on a recent installation in Magherafelt by the Policing and Community Safety Partnership. It was agreed that estimated costs be provided at the Council meeting in December 2014.’

In response the Chief Executive provided a report at last Monday’s meeting on cost to install, based on recent installation in Magherafelt by Policing and Community Safety Partnership, and the cost of obtaining a mains supply to the metal kiosk, access to which is via a key pad.

The maximum cost per unit plus training of 20 personnel in town centre was £4,000 or {if mains supply was available) cost reduces to £2,750.

Cllr Ian Stevenson, who had raised the matter at committee, had left the meeting and asked one of his colleagues to propose installation at Megaw Park and Riverside Park in addition to provision in the town centre.

Members agreed that if the matter was to be pursued it was necessary to gauge interest from shop workers in being trained to operate the equipment. In addition the idea was that the equipment would be available 24/7 and park facilities were not accessible at all times. After discussion the matter was deferred for one month.