Council back ‘Open Farm Weekend’

AN open farm weekend organised by the Ulster Farmers’ Union has receied support from Ballymoney Borough Council.

The ‘Open Farm Weekend’, is a non a non-profit free event taking place on 15th and 16th June at farms across Northern Ireland including at least one already confirmed in the Ballymoney council area.

These farms will open their gates to the public for guided walks, family fun days, food sampling and country skills demonstrations. The aim of the event is to demonstrate the variety and quality of locally produced food and to show the transparency of the local food supply chain.

This is the second year of Open Farm Weekend and one piece of feedback from last year’s participating farmers was the need for an advertising campaign. Unfortunately the budget for the event simply does not allow for media advertising and they are seeking help in spreading the word on the events closest to our borough.

The Council are to give support to publicising the event including erecting board signs at parks etc. as well as using the council’s website.