Council agree to give extra £25,000 towards revitalization scheme

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Ballymoney Borough Council has agreed to give an extra £25,000 towards a local revitalization scheme.

During a recent Council meeting, members heard that there had been a shortfall as DSD could only off £200,000 instead of the agreed £225,000.

The Mayor, Ald Bill Kennedy explained: “Council had bid for £250,000, with DSD giving £225,000 and Council £25,000.

“However with the recent reductions in funding at assembly departments, DSD could only offer £200,000. As the economic appraisal had been approved for the £250,000 there was a shortfall of £25,000 which they asked council to confirm it would make up, increasing its contribution to £50,000, otherwise the scheme would have to go through another appraisal in the reduced amount.”

Concluding the Mayor added: “I felt that Council was left with no option but to pay up the additional money and following consultation with the Chief Executive we confirmed this.

He proposed that Council endorsed this decision and it was seconded by Cllr Ian Stevenson.