Council agree to Armed Forces Flag flying

A proposal to fly the Armed Forces Flag in three of the four towns across the borough in June this year has been passed after a recorded vote.

Councillor George Duddy made the proposal, seconded by cllr James McCorkell at last Tuesday night’s Corporate Policy and Resources Committee meeting at Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.

The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Darryl Wilson, said he saw no reason why Armed Forces Day should not be celebrated.

“Armed Forces Day is celebrated througout the country and the rest of the UK, I have no problem with it,” he said.

Sinn Fein’s Philip McGuigan though said he was opposed to the flying of the flag due to the ongoing legal sensitivities. “There are ongoing legal proceedings regarding the flying of flags in the borough so I would oppose that proposal,” he said.

In response Cllr Duddy said it was ‘no surprise Sinn Fein not wanting flags flown’.

Cllr Cara McShane branded his comment as a ‘cheap shot’.

Cllr Brenda Chivers said there was a no flags policy in the legacy council of Limavady and that this proposal went against that.

Cllr McGuigan asked for a recorded vote and cautioned councillors of the ongoing legal process regarding the council’s flag flying protocol.

A recorded vote was taken with nine councillors voting for Cllr Duddy’s proposal, three voting against and three abstaining.