Copper theft prompts PSNI warning to property owners

POLICE have issued advice to property owners to take steps to prevent them falling foul of copper thieves.

The PSNI spoke out after they received a report in recent days that copper pipes were stolen from an unoccupied farmhouse on the Gracehill Road near Armoy, some time in the past few months.

Inspector David Anderson of Ballymoney PSNI told the Times: “We are appealing to people who have properties, which are perhaps temporarily unoccupied or are derelict, to make sure the premises are kept as secure as they can be and if they are going to be a long time unoccupied they should remove items of value and that would include copper tanks.

“If that is not feasible then they should mark valuables with their postcode or some i.d. markings.

“People should check property on a regular basis or ask immediate neighbours to be alert to any suspicious activity and to contact the police,” said the inspector.

Anybody with information can contact police on 08456008000 or phone Crimestoppers 0800555111.