Consumer Council calls on Translink to provide clarity on new bus and rail fares

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The Consumer Council is calling on Translink to be clear on the actual level of fare increases passengers will face when the recently announced increases come into effect on Monday 16th February.

The Consumer Council also wants a commitment from Translink to proactively inform passengers and help them switch to the best value fares.

Aodhan O’Donnell, interim chief executive at the Consumer Council said: “Translink announced broad average fare increases across each of its services but passengers need to be informed about the actual level of increase they will face for the service they use or ticket they buy. Put simply, if Translink are asking passengers to pay more they must be clear with their customers by how much, and for what services.

“The fact is that there are so many different ticketing options available on Translink’s services that many people will not understand exactly what their new fare will be from 16 February. Many may also find themselves paying more than the average level of fare increases announced. Translink need to provide transparent and customer focused communications ahead of the fare increase so that passengers can make informed choices about what service is best value for them” concluded Aodhan.