‘Constable’s murder will not deter police’

A NORTH Antrim police chief says Saturday’s murder of Constable Ronan Kerr in Omagh will not deflect the PSNI from continuing to provide a public service for all.

Chief Inspector John Magill, Area Commander for Ballymoney and Moyle PSNI, said: “The murder of Constable Ronan Kerr will not deter police officers and staff in Ballymoney and Moyle from continuing to deliver policing to all the community.”

And the local police chief said officers have been heartened by messages of support from across the community.

“We have received many messages of support from the community and I want to thank the community for this support. Clearly our thoughts are with Ronan’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

“Those who murdered Ronan will not succeed in knocking confidence in the ability of the Police Service to deliver a service to all the community. The people who committed this crime are small in number, but they are dangerous.

“We have been resourced to deal with this threat. There are people who know the identity of those who planned this murder, those who made the explosive device and those who planted the device - these people should do the right thing and pass this information to the police in order to bring the perpetrators before the Courts.”

Meanwhile at last night’s Council meeting, Ballymoney Mayor, Cllr Bill Kennedy said: “Before commencing the meeting I want to express hearfelt sympathy to the family of young Police Officer, Ronan Kerr, callously murdered on Saturday in a booby trap bomb attack as he was setting off to work from his home in Omagh.

“This callous and dastardly deed has been so roundly condemned by politicians North and South and I add my voice to this wave condemnation.

“Much pain and suffering has been inflicted on the people of Omagh as a result of the terrible atrocity in 1998 and the attack on Saturday must have brought back awful memories for many in Omagh.

“My thoughts and those of this Council and the citizens of this borough go to Ronan’s family and the citizens of Omagh at this sad time.”