Conflict exhibition items in Ballymoney

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An exhibition of everyday items in use during the conflict in and about Northern Ireland will be held at Bell Architects in Ballymoney until 25 May.

The exhibition has been organised by Healing Through Remembering (HTR), the cross-community organisation that focuses on ways of dealing with the conflict, with the aim of achieving a peaceful future for all.

The project is called Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict, and the launch at Bell Architects (65-67 Main Street, Ballymoney) on 12 April was organised by Ballymoney Borough Council.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 25 May. Opening hours are: Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm; and late night Thursday openings on Thursday 19 April, 3 May and 17 May, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Items on show include:

· A CS gas canister turned into a working lamp. The canister was fired by the RUC during the Battle of the Bogside in 1969.

· A binlid – used as a communication tool and a means of protest in nationalist areas.

· An armoured clipboard carried by police at vehicle checkpoints in ‘high-risk’ areas. It was to give protection to officers if threatened with a handgun.

· A sponger badge worn by Ballymena Councillor William Wright during a protest by loyalist strike leaders at being called “spongers” by the then Prime Minster, Harold Wilson.

· A tape recording by photojournalist Vincent Dargan of live transmissions from the pirate radio Station Radio Free Belfast, manned by Civil Rights and People’s Democracy members during 1969-70.

· Captive Verses - a book of poems by loyalist prisoners.

· Behind the Barricades – an album by comedian James Young.

The exhibition also includes other objects, sound recordings, photographs and videos showing everyday events during the conflict. In total, more than 50 artefacts will be displayed.

There will be workshops to accompany the exhibition. These will offer practical activities and ideas for discussion based on the objects on display, to help promote understanding and appreciation of the different beliefs and perspectives of the conflict.

Entrance to the exhibition and workshop participation are free. People who would like more information about the project, or who would like to book a workshop, should contact

Triona White Hamilton, exhibition curator/co-ordinator, at Healing Through Remembering on 028 9023 8844 - email

Funding for the event has come from various sources, including the European Union Peace III Programme, the Heritage Lottery Fund; the International Coalition for Sites of Conscience; Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund); the Enkalon Foundation; the Good Relations Council; and the Bombardier Aerospace (NI) Foundation.

If you would like to contribute a story about an everyday object you own, and which has been transformed by the conflict, please contact exhibition curator Tríona White Hamilton. - Tel: 028 9023 8844