Concerns over Causeway Centre access - Alister

In a letter to the Chief Executive of the National Trust TUV Leader, Jim Allister MLA, has raised concerns over access to basic facilities at the Causeway Centre.

“Since the opening of the new centre I am in receipt of a constant flow of complaints about the fact that to use the toilets or the coffee shop one has to pay the entrance fee,” he explained.

“This is causing widespread anger and dissatisfaction, which I share. It is bringing the Trust into disrepute as many see the situation as a ‘rip off’. It has long been boasted that ‘the stones’ are free, but to then find that to use the toilet on a visit you are expected to pay £8.50 is monstrous.

“I do implore you to right this situation. Moreover, making the coffee shop accessible on a free-standing basis would, I believe, be to your financial advantage as it would greatly increase turnover.”