Concern over roads in Loughgiel area

Sinn Féin councillor Anita Cavlan has expressed her concern at the state of the roads in and around Loughgiel and called on Road Service to improve them.

Cllr Cavlan said: “I have concerns about rural roads which are not receiving attention from Road Service namely, Coolkeeran Road, Pharis Road, Ballyveeley Road, Ballyweeney Road, Corkey Road, Lough Road, Kilmandil Road, Ballyutoag Road, Lislabin Road and Shelton Road.

“Quite a few of these roads have had work carried out by NIW who were supposed to reinstate them. This is not happening in timely fashion and even when they do repair the roads the quality of repair work is less than satisfactory.

“Meantime members of the public whose cars are being damaged by having to drive over these damaged surfaces are suffering.”

Cllr Cavlan also expressed concerns about muck and dirt all over some of these roads which could cause a serious accident.

“I realise farm work must be done but farmers need to be responsible and it is their duty to clean up after them if they have left roads in poor condition,” she said.