Concern over mental health consultation

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Concern has been expressed by Ballymoney Borough Council over the reprovision of mental health inpatient services.

During a recent Council meeting, members heard that the Northern Trust was proposing to develop a new purpose built Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Antrim Hospital, with the possibility of Coleraine’s Ross Thompson unit closing.

Members were given details of consultation meetings.

Cllr Ian Stevenson said he ‘felt strongly about this issue’ continuing: “The Ross Thompson was moved from the local area and now they are talking about moving the services again.

“The National Health Service are spending money willy-nilly. No wonder they are in financial difficulty.

“I propose we should write to them asking to keep the mental health facilities in Casueway. I would also like to submit my name to attend the consultation events.”

In response Cllr Bill Kennedy agreed with the comments.

It was then agreed that all members’ names be put on the list to attend the meetings.