Concern over defective lights on vehicles in town

CONCERN has been expressed by Ballymoney Road Safety committee at the numbers of vehicles in the area with defective lights.

In a joint operation with the PSNI 15 vehicles were stopped over a two-hour period at Milltown with defective headlamps.

Drivers were cautioned and served with a Rectification Notice requiring them to produce proof of their repaired lights within two weeks of detection which was carried out.

Pedestrians who had no fluorescent and reflective armbands or strips on their clothing to enable them to be seen easily were given advice.

Subsequently, night time survey in the town was conducted on lights in five locations which showed that between 2% and 8% of vehicles had defects.

Both police and committee membes are urging road users not to put themselves or other road users at risk,

The committee handed out de-icers , leaflets, armbands and strips to help counter any problems.

Mr. Sam Knox, chair of the committee, said: “Pedestrians are being knocked down and killed every year simply because they can’t be seen at night or in conditions of poor visibilty.”