Concern over bad look of Ballymoney

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Numerous concerns have been expressed over the bad look of Ballymoney to the visitng NW200 bikers.

A resident posted on Facebook: “It’s great to see bikers but Ballymoney looks like a joke. The roundabout hasn’t even had the grass cut and junctions are hard to see on coming traffic and it’s even worse when election posters are still up. This is Ballymoney where the bestest road racers come.”

Agreeing councillor Darryl Wilson said: “I have been contacted by numerous people about the grass verges surrounding the Portrush Road Roundabout in Ballymoney. The centre of the roundabout was also in need of attention as it had not been cut and was causing visibility problems. Members of the public were also concerned that some election posters have not been removed from lampposts. I have been bringing suggestions to Council about enhancing the social and economic impact that the NW200 has on our town and indeed the entire Borough. So it is within our best interests to ensure that all areas are tidy and presentable. Council staff responded quickly to my request regarding grass cutting, the centre of the roundabout is now complete, the verges will also be cut when it is safe to do so. The Ulster Unionist Party had removed all posters in the North Antrim area at the beginning of last week. It is our hope that others follow suit if they have not already.”