Concern at ‘black spot’

A Ballymoney councillor has called for Roads Service to take immediate action on a notorious accident black spot just outside Ballymoney.

Councillor Robert Halliday told Roads Service representatives at a meeting of the council last week that they had been a very serious accident the previous weekend at a spot known as Heggarty’s Farm near Balnamore.

“I understand that a car went out of control at this spot, mounted the footpath and took out five to eight metres of hedge and fences,” the Councillor revealed.

He also told the meeting that there had been five accidents in the past few months at the same spot.

“Fences have be put up every time there is an accident and we need a more permanent solution,” the Cllr. added.

Mr John McKinley from Roads Service said his department were aware of the corner and the number of accidents.

A high friction surface may be placed there, it was said.