Complaint after Dervock Bridge is ‘delisted’

Bridge at Dervock has been 'delisted' following repair work. inbm17-16s
Bridge at Dervock has been 'delisted' following repair work. inbm17-16s

Dervock and District Community Association has written to Transport NI over the quality of the repair work at the local bridge.

Frankie Cunningham, Chairperson of the group expressed his outrage after the work was ‘not carried out by a qualified stone mason’ on the historical landmark following recent damage.

According to Mr Cunningham, the work was not carried out correctly, due to financial restrictions, and has since been delisted by the Department of Environment.

In his letter to Transport NI, Frankie explains: “It has been reported to Dervock and District Community Association that Transport NI have admitted that the work carried out at the bridge, was not done by a qualified stone mason. And that budget restrictions had determined workforce and that standard of work was inappropriate, but that it is not to be altered?

“The Association now accept that the structure HB Reference HB04/04/001 known locally as Dervock ‘Brig’ ( has been delisted. This does not detract from the importance of the bridge as it is a central focal point within the village of Dervock and is clearly visible to passing motorists and pedestrians.

Therefore, could we solicit that Transport NI revisit this location and restores the structure to its original profile. Dervock and District Community Association have recently secured funding from NIHE Community Grant Fund 2015 – 2016 to enhance the physical environment of the village and we, the community, see the Dervock ‘Brig’ as a significant feature within those aims and objectives.”

Mr Cunningham also highlighted that the Association would be “raising the issue as to why a historic structure like the ‘Brig’ has been delisted?”

In response, local MLA and Minster for Finance, Mervyn Storey expressed his concern adding: “It is disappointing that the “Brig” has been delisted and I will be asking DOE why they felt it necessary to take this course of action.

“Despite that Transport NI should have endeavoured to carry out the repairs in a way that was in keeping with the existing stone work.

“The Brig is a focal point in the Village and deserves to treated in a way that reflects its importance.”

Deputy Mayor Darryl Wilson also expressed his concerns and was trying to resolve the issue.