Community Youth Project for Rasharkin

Rasharkin Community Youth Project (RCYP) - a youth project, delivered in partnership between Rasharkin Community Association and SNATCH (Rasharkin Presbyterian Church) has recently commenced in the village.

Supported by the International Fund for Ireland and managed by the Northern Ireland Rural Development Council (RDC) under the Integrating Communities Programme, this exciting new project aims to: - build relationships within Rasharkin, develop citizenship in young people and take steps to bring about peace in the Community. The objective of the partnership is to work together to provide meaningful contact and collaboration with established groups in the area and to build sustainable relationships between youth in the village, dispelling myths and prejudices, encouraging respect for each other’s cultures and traditions.

Katherine Workman, the Partnership’s recently appointed Co-ordinator will help manage a range of various good relations projects and events for the young people (8-16 year olds), raising awareness of and respect for traditions of both sides of the community. Initial work will include a scoping exercise and consultation with all groups who have a youth remit within the village and surrounding area. This exercise will then assist future planning of activities which will comprise arts, cultural, environmental and team building activities. There will also be opportunities to develop the capacity of leaders in terms of good relations issues, the establishment of a youth forum, and further opportunity to increase networking and information gathering between individuals and groups. Highlights of the project will include a planned community project and a community festival, where all sections of the community will be made most welcome.

For further details, contact: Katherine Workman (Project manager) 028 2957 1132 at the Rasharkin Community Association office.